Women's Day

women's dayRead the poem awarded by International Library of Poetry on the occasion of Women’s Day.
— by Dr.Jawahar Surisetti

Sweet memories haunt me, roaming into the thoughts of my past
I scan through my life, from first to last.
Through the days of struggle, my mom held my hand
Till I grew up and on my feet could stand.
As I traveled through the interiors of the land,
Through the forests and plains and fiery sand.
The sun that rose from the east looked beautiful red,
But the plight of women was not as said.
Though Sania & Aishwarya have won acclaim,
We still don’t treat the girls and boys as same.
Why then should there be female foeticide
With the parents wanting to see a boy on their side.
In the name of religion and society our minds are stuck
Ethics, norms, beliefs, we have gone into the muck.
Mother, sister, wife, daughter are a part of our life Love, compassion, sacrifice, they have been with us through strife.
Women, rise, we are with you.
There is light at the end and a morning of dew.
We will all stand and salute the girl child
For the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.


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