CORRECTMYTEXT.COM: проверка текста носителями языка

Сетевой ресурс для изучения иностранного языка дает возможность разместить свой текст и проверить правильность его написания знатоками (в том числе, носителями) языка. Языки текстов для размещения: русский, английский, немецкий, испанский, португальский, французский, итальянский, японский, китайский. Сортировка текстов по языкам, по тегам, по пользователям

Итак, Вы имеете возможность разместить свой текст на CORRECTMYTEXT.COM и знатоки языка проверят его. Кроме того, Вы можете также помочь другим пользователям с проверкой их текстов на вашем родном языке или на языке, который вы хорошо знаете.

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Один ответ к «CORRECTMYTEXT.COM: проверка текста носителями языка»

  1. Thank you for your letter. I’m doing now, a low budget documentary film about the Kovno ghetto, «Diary of burned the ghetto,» based on the book by Tamara Lazerson, which was the girl written a diary of her life in the ghetto, as it wrote Anne Frank. Originally it was project for Russian Television, but after my shooting in Israel, and Lithuania, TV closed this project by political reasons. But I decide to create this film. I paying himself for editing process and I select money for postproduction now. If you give permission, I would like to use music of David Krakauer which was published you at Lebel Bleu for my film. While I certainly can say that I want to take the first part of «Krakow Doina». Perhaps during the edition of the film (if you allow) I will try to use other plays of David Krakauer, but now I am in the process of editing and I cannot yet say exactly, which ones I will choose. Of course, I can use them only if you give you official permission for it. When I finish editing process, I will to know about titles and duration of David’s plays which I planning to use. I consider David a great musician, the genius of the clarinet, who plays a huge role in the development of the Jewish music. I will always make every effort to promote this fantastic music, which you produced at Label Bleu.
    I applied all my efforts for good result — it must be very simple and very emotional film. I like to use music, which will be not illustration, but special kind of commentary to film. And your music, I’m shure, will be such commentary, which made our film more deeep and impressive. I cannot to say about musical budget now, because i have’nt budget for postproduction in general now, but I’m in process of selection and negotiation with potential sponcors of this film. When I decide this problem, I may to inform you about pay for uses your music and territories.

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